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  • Aly Marie

There is a light in you that never goes out.

- It's crazy the amount of good things that happen to you when you subtract yourself from negativity. When you push forward with positive focus, are hard working and treat people how you want to be treated. I believe in everything coming back full circle and the amount of effort you put into something is what you can expect back. I believe that hard times and pain will occur to prepare us for bigger things. This hardship is a test, it's a test for the strong. If you stand strong in the fight and don't give in, not only will you be mentally more unstoppable but you will then get to truly experience your break through. I believe that we are all warriors and this life is a battlefield filled with people and things trying to distract you from conquering the war, YOUR WAR that you were meant to win since the day you were born. During this battle, the human soul should live my choice not by change. I believe that instead of being frighten by fear we should use fear to nourish our drive. We should separate ourselves to be motivated not manipulated by the words of our peers. I believe you must show no mercy, nor have any belief whatsoever in how others might judge you because your belief in yourself will lead you to greatness and that greatness will silence them all.


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