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  • Aly Marie

You are what you eat and more.

Goodness comes from within - physical, mental and spiritual. I feel like you can't shine on the outside unless your healthy on the inside. Its hard for you eyes to sparkle, your skin to glow if you are not truly healthy in mind, body and spirit. Its not just about food its about everything you put in and take out. It's giving and receiving equally. When I first started my health and fitness journey I didn't have the nutrition knowledge I have now. I had went to the wrong trainers and "nutrition coaches" who didn't have the right knowledge themselves. I deprived myself from all my favourite treats. This just made me want them even more then eventually I would give in and eat twice as much. Deciding that certain food is "forbidden" will make you crave it more. My weakness is chocolate and almost any baked treat! Moderation and knowing whats good for you are the keys to staying healthy are the keys to staying healthy and looking your best without feeling like your deprived. Ive learned that if I treasure myself and appreciate my body I naturally want to fill it with all the right fuel so it can perform at its optimum. I eat the right food for my body, drink a lot of water and exercise 6 days a week 30-60 minutes. I allow myself small portions of treats I do crave if I feel like having it. I have also found healthy alternatives that are highly nutritious and more satisfying.

My top tips for staying healthy :

- focus on filling your body with nutrients instead of counting calories

- fresh food is the best, so try to avoid processed food and artificial sweeteners, colours and additives. Stevia is best for sweetening - my personal favourite.

- supplement your diet with nutritional products that work for you - natural supplements or try and have more of a whole food diet so you can keep supplements to a minimum.

- try as much as possible to use natural and organic skin care products - like @FrankAndWhit is amazing!

- sing, dance, laugh and smile. Theres nothing better than this and it rejuvenates the soul.


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