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Where and what I eat in the Okanagan

So I really do enjoy my staple foods, like waffles, salads, yogurt, protein powder and random toppings. Sometimes I have no choice but to eat out or when im being social. Ive made a list of my favourites and what I get, no particular order.

@NakedCafe - Nalu bowl , no rice extra veggies, add tofu or buffalo cauliflower.

Also their matcha with coconut milk no sweetener is quite spectacular to.

@BambooChopsticks - Tofu salad rolls, no noodles, add cilantro and basil.

- Lemongrass tofu no noodles or rice extra veggie.

@UrbanFare - Salad bar is pretty good, sometimes sushi whatever I feel like.

@NaturesFare - Beet burger, kale salad all in the bistro. They have a few options its all pretty good. Sometimes I even just grab a bag of carrots and babaganoush for a snacky.

@Bluetail - Veggie roll, Tofumite roll, the Super Supper roll is amazing a must!

@Starbucks - Grande coconut milk latte add 2-3 stevia depending on how sweet you like it I have 3 haha!

@ChoicesMarket - Salad bar, or veggies and dip

@ChoppedLeaf - Have pretty good bowls, and customization

@WildScallion Penticton - always always get the avo and mushroom salad rolls with no rice. I typically get their special soup thats on. Sometimes they have the raw tacos on as a special and they are a must! Amazing!

Hope this helps with healthier options and choices are town for those of you who live around the Okanagan!


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